Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Swimming Results – Aquatics

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Swimming Results – Aquatics

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Swimming Results will be available here between 6th and 16th August 2016 in Live action. All swimming events under Rio 2016 Aquatics are scheduled to take place between 6 and 13 August at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium. Also 15 and 16 August 2016 are in Swimming schedule for open-water marathon in Fort Copacabana.

Aquatics swimming are the one of the major sports event at Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Almost 950 athletes are participating at Rio 2016 Aquatic swimming. And 900 of them in pool events, while Fifty of them are aiming for Marathon.

Disciplines coming under Aquatic Swimming at Rio 2016 Summer Olympics are Freestyle (50,100,200,400, 800 women only and 1500 men only ). 100 and 200 meter Backstroke, 100 and 200 meter Breaststroke, 100 and 200 meter Butterfly 200 and 400 meter Individual Medley. Then Relay (4X100 and 4X200 freestyle and 4X100 medley) and Marathon (10Km Open water).

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Rio Swimming Schedule

Swimming Schedules are Similar to previous Olympics since 2000, But exception of 2008, the swimming program schedule will occur in two segments. For the pool events, prelims are held in the afternoon, followed by the semifinals and final in the evening-night session. Therefore All final will be in evening-night session.

166 nations were participated with 631 swimmers in last Olympics, in London 2012 at Aquatics swimming. After the complete swimming results, 16 gold medal of United State brought them to the top of swimming medal hunting. As a result of achieving five Gold medals, China reached at second in swimming medal tally in 2012. Nine world records were born at Aquatics Swimming in 2012 London Olympics and four of them were by United States.

Stay tuned with none official web portal for Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Swimming Results in Live action. Log in the official portal, if you wish to watch the official Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Swimming Results.

Swimming is the breath-taking sporting event. It has been included in the Olympic game since Athens Olympics in 1896. 50m X 25m large and 3m deep, and the 25oC to 28oC temperature Swimming pools are set for the best Swimming results. All the Competitions are divided in qualifiers semi-finals and finals. Besides the individual events, there is also relay by teams with four athletes.

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